We're still getting dressed and finding our missing pair of heels, so give us a couple of days to get to the party fully-clothed.

We'll be here to tell you what a good woman is, why you should be one, and how on earth you can. Too many of us have given up on being a good woman, and frankly, the idea just isn't too appealing the majority of the time.

But, that's a lie. Good women have the most fun, the best sex, and most fulfilling lives.

We're in the process of interviewing smart, sexy, successful married women who have invaluable gems of wisdom to pass along to all you girls who are single, dating, and engaged.

We'll also be writing on an infinite number of related topics that will give you a glimpse into other women's lives, young and old, and making sure that you aren't alone in your struggle to be a good woman. It's hard, we know, and we can't do it alone.

Join us as we stop the bitching and the biting, and bring good women back to life.