About The Good Women Project


Good women are a dying breed, and The Good Women Project is doing something about it.

While we expect to continually evolve and expand, our current priority is to help young women do one of the most important things they ever will: marry a good man.

Young women struggle to stand up for themselves and wait (and fight) for a man who deserves them. We get stuck in sub-par relationships, and the majority of us don't have parents with healthy marriages to go to for advice. Or, our questions just can't honestly be answered by people that personally invested in our futures.

Because of this, we must step out and start a conversation with good women who can share their pasts and presents with us. Most of life is trial and error, but picking the man you'll be sexing up for the rest of your life isn't.

The Good Woman Project seeks to profile women who have 'made it' at least 5 years through marriage, so that younger girls can connect with women with personality types, careers, lifestyles, and dreams that they identify with - in hopes of winning better advice than what their peers have to give.

Because the goal is to present tried-and-true advice from smart, sexy, successful women in a relevant and relatable way, we'll be doing our best to link you to our married women's "online lives," and to give you the personal and professional snapshots.

You have kick ass hopes for your future, and plan on moving and shaking for the rest of your life - so we're not going to repeat your grandmother's advice back to you. But we are going to give you advice.

We are asking the hard questions, the funny questions, the bedroom questions, and the I-can't-believe-you-just-asked-that questions.